Oh Bother.

Let’s try this again..
Welcome!!  It’s been probably a long time since I’ve written anything but I will try my best to do so. 
I hope everyone is doing well. 
I just started back up at Clark College for Fall classes and it’s really nice to be back in school. 
Learning and doing things is better than sitting at home with Netflix and chilling.  ūüėõ
If anyone is watching Fear the Walking Dead…  Oh my gosh it’s fricken amazing.  I love the main show the walking dead but this show is in the same universe and shows how people reacted in the city and how it first began.  It’s brilliant! 
Have a wonderful rest of the day guys! 
Stay tuned for (hopefully)  more posts


Greetings! and Starbucks

Hey guys, its been a while. I’ll be trying my best to write to here again.
Its almost the end of spring quarter and finals are coming up among other assignments and birthdays! My boyfriend’s birthday is this Sunday the 24th! So much to do! We are going to a concert to see The Glitch Mob!! ITs going to be a long, fun busy weekend. Oh! My sisters graduation is this saturday as well! So much to do!

I have been recently drinking a lot of coffee and I somehow stumbled upon a crazy video. Have you guys heard about the Starbucks barista yelling at a customer?? I was absolutely  appalled by the way she treating this lady.

You can watch the video here on Facebook.

The End Is Near!

Its Finals week and guess who doesn’t have anymore finals? This Girl! I only had one final, and that was to present my Web Design 1 project. The project was to build a website (any type of website) and make sure it can be responsive, meaning it has a mobile view. My idea was to make a club for a website, but not just any type of club, this club you could bring your little feline friends too. Well, just cats. Yes, its a goofy idea, but I had a great time putting the website together, If you would like to check it out, you can¬†click here.

Now, Today is Thursday and all I have left for the week is work.

Tomorrow is really going to suck because its common knowledge that I work night shift, then go to the gym, and then stay up for a few hours, probably go to bed anywhere around 5am to 7am. But Friday.. Friday is tomorrow and I must get up at 10am and go to Clark College, and pick up hours for my second job. Its quite ridiculous that they have to do it so early in the goddamn morning but hooray for me.

But Hey, Spring Break is finally here. Lets party this weekend yo!

Garbology – Please Recycle

I am a college student living with my boyfriend and three other roommates. For the most part, we try our best to recycle, whether it being glass/plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. Most of the bottles, either plastic or glass, can be turned in for cash value of five cents.  There are several locations located in Oregon where you can turn in these bottles.

Over the past couple months, I have been collecting any bottle that can be turned in for cash value and sticking them into white garbage bags. I have collected a total of three¬†full bags and I am on my fourth bag! In addition to collecting these bottles, I am also collecting the metal bottle caps from glass bottles, usually beer or hard cider. I found a great website about how you can recycle your metal bottle caps. It explains that instead of throwing them into your recycling bin, that is also filled with cardboard, metal cans and plastic products, you should put the bottle caps into a metal can then crimp it so they don’t fall out. Why? Well, because the bottle caps are so small that they usually get lost with the other¬†materials when they get sorted by their sizes.

I have asked my roommates if they could put any bottle that has that cash value in a bag so it makes a little more easier for me to collect the bottles, but really no one does that. Therefore, I have been garbage diving at least once a week before the trash man comes and takes all out garbage.

The House Bill of 3145 states that water/flavored water, beer/malt beverages, soda water/mineral water, and carbonated soft drinks¬†will be accepted in containers that are 3 liters or less in size. New beverages will be accepted if the bottle or cans are from 4 ounces to 1.5 liters in size. In addition to this, metal cans that require a can opener will not be accepted, along with¬†wine, liquor, dairy or milk substitutes containers.¬†All redeemable containers are labeled with the OR 5¬Ę refund value on the label.

Oregon’s Bottle Bill was introduced in 1971 and was created to help address the growing litter problem along Oregon’s beaches, highways and other public areas. It was the very first bottle bill in the United States and was so successful that there are now ten other states that have similar programs.


March 7th 2015

My boyfriend and I drive to the nearest BottleDrop A girl putting a glass bottle into the bottledrop centercenter and I turned six  full bags of cans/bottles.

I would say the overall experience wasn’t terrible, but the machines they use to count/collect the bottles can be a little weird. Its possible it was just the machine I was using that was acting up, but every time I would put in a glass bottle, the little conveyor¬†belts to take the bottle down, wouldn’t grab the bottle, almost like it was too heavy. Therefore, I would have to slightly push the bottle in to give the conveyor belt a little help. Sometimes I would push the bottle a little too much and the machine would tell me to not throw in the bottles.

The other issue that happened was that the machine would would just stop, spit out a receipt of all the bottles I had collected, and would require a person to “fix” the machine. All the worker would have to do is open the machine, it would print out a receipt for them, ¬†it looks fine, close it and it would start working again. This happened probably about four times.

a girl holding up 11 dollarsI had turned in a total of 229 cans and bottles! The total amount I received was $11.45, which isn’t too bad for just collecting bottles over the course of 3 months.

It felt really good to get money back just by collecting bottles and cans that you use everyday.

Girl. Scout. Cookies.

girl scout cookie boxesTheir slogan should really be : “You can’t just eat one!” then cut to a group of girl scouts smiling and laughing while they are shoving cookies in their mouth.

My favorite cookie is Thin Mints. I have yet to try their other flavors but I can never get the courage to buy any other flavor when I know I will like my thin mints no matter how they are served.

I think the best serving is cold.
The first time I met my boyfriend he asked me if I wanted some chocolate, and so of course, I am polite and say yes. We walk into the kitchen and he goes to the freezer. Now at first I think, oh, well maybe he is just wanting to cook something up or get some ice. But I was wrong. He grabs a little chocolate bar from the fridge, breaks off a piece and hands it to me. I take it and its cold in-between my fingertips. I plop it into my mouth and chew it up and it has a crisp frozen crunch to it. I like it.

That is eating any chocolate bar that is cold tastes amazing.

But then again, maybe that’s weird.

Or maybe chewing on chocolate is weird.


Alabama Shakes

If you don’t watch the Grammys, SNL (Saturday Night Live) or just T.V. in general, you probably haven’t heard about Alabama Shakes. They are a band formed in 2009 and I now have a new favorite song by them. It is called “Don’t Wanna Fight”. The vocals are very interesting and you don’t think its a woman signing at first, just because it sounds so good. It has that feel good feel. Check it out guys!

This band had received nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist, Best Rock Performance and Best Recording Package. I personally think its a damn well written song. Its the style of music that I love. If you know anything else similar to this, don’t be afraid to contact me or leave a comment! ūüôā

Mark Ronson

Mark Daniel Ronson. I first heard this guys music in the show The Mentalist. The song playing was called “Stop Me”. If I can remember, the scene was showing a character from the show bleeding. I thought it was a good song and I Shazamed¬†the song. This is the song:

Now, most people probably know the name Mark Ronson for the song “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars. Which, in my opinion is such a good feel song. If you haven’t listened to the radio or have no idea what I am talking about, the song is below for you to listen to:

Finally, one last song I am going to talk about is the song “Feel Right”, again by Mark Ronson and featuring¬†Mystikal. There are¬†explicit lyrics, just as a forewarning, but I assume if you are reading my blog, that cursing is normal for you (like it is for me). The video for this song is actually pretty cool too. Its only the lyrics on the screen, but how they are presented are great.

Now get off your butt, press play to any one of these songs and start dancing your heart out!


M83 is the name of a French electronic music band led by Anthony Gonzalez. The band was formed in 2001 in France and was originally a duo featuring Nicolas Fromageau.  Nicolas Fromageau formed a new band in 2009 called Team Ghost.

The song I know M83 for is “Midnight City” on their album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.¬†It has almost an old school feel to it but modern times. I absolutely love the beat to this song. Towards the end of the song, there is a saxophone solo played by James King, who is in the band Fitz and The Tantrums.


When the movie, Oblivion came out, I thought it was by far a great movie, but it also had amazing music. Guess what? M83¬†composed the soundtrack! The director, Joseph Kosinski, wanted M83 because when Tron: Legacy came out with Daft Punk, it worked out so well that Kosinski wanted something similar that sounded just as great. The last song played in the movie is called “Oblivion” who also features Susanne Sundf√łr.


I love this band, and you should too. Listen to their songs and fall in love with them like I did.



FAUL and Wad Ad

I recently hear this song playing in my boyfriends truck while he was driving us into Vancouver, WA. It was an overcast day, but you could tell that the sun was trying to break out and shine down on us. The beginning has a slow start, but every time I hear saxophone in a song, I completely and utterly fall in love with the song. This song is called “Happy Ending”, and if you like saxophones at all, you should definitely listen to this song.


From my research on Faul( the pseudonym of French Maxime), litterally meaning lazy in German, he is 21 years old and not lazy at all. He has amazing talent and it won’t be long before you start hearing his songs playing in summertime movies.

The other song that is a little bit more popular that you might know is the song called “Changes”. This song is also by Wad Ad (the stage name of French DJ Camil Meyer). These two ¬†guys met in school and began producing music together during their study time. This song become an international hit and was topping the single charts in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands and Switzerland. Go like their Facebook pages! Wad Ad and FAUL.

My Neighbor Totoro

movie poster for my neighbor totoro

This is one of my favorite movies. It is directed and written by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. I absolutely adore the director and Studio Ghibli.  The picture above is the Japanese theatrical poster for the movie.

It is about two kids that move with their father to a new house. In the new place there are little soot gremlins that live there and only the kids can see them. One day, while the older kid is at school, the younger child runs around the yard and finds a small Totoro which is a little fluffy creature. It looks like the blue and white creature in the picture below:

totoro picture of three characters


The ending is super cute and I would highly recommend it.

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